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One of the first things I saw this morning was our Pumpkin Patch sign. I immediately got a taste for pumpkin bread. Every fall we visit farmer’s markets and purchase a lot of pumpkins. We select a bunch of little ones for decorating, a large one for a jack-o-lantern, and another large one for baking. My husband cuts the baking one open and helps me scoop out the seeds. Then it goes onto a baking sheet, cut side down, to bake for at least an hour until it’s fork tender. It comes out to cool for a while. Then the scoop and blend process begins. We add a little milk to help the blender along until all the pumpkin meat is pureed. Finally, it’s time to turn that beautiful orange puree into bread and pies. It’s a labor of love but ohhhhh so worth it.

In eager anticipation of pumpkin bread I’ve placed our pumpkin patch sign on sale for just $7.19! Hope you’ll check it out!

Until next week,