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As a small business owner I scroll through what seems like a qazillion e-mails a day. Larger businesses would hire someone to be their social media expert. That individual would assume what feels like a daunting task. I enjoy the e-mails which serve a purpose be it to grow my business or just to keep up with business associates and friends. It’s the hundreds of e-mails trying to sell me worthless junk that have me ready to throw my computer in frustration.

Several years ago I experienced the near loss of my mother. I found myself alone, hundreds of miles from home, making life and death decisions. E-mails to friends across the country became my life line. In the end they became E-mails to God.

As I remain frustrated with my inbox in its current state and as I reflect back on a difficult time, I’m placing my first book on sale. E-mails to God is the sharing of the e-mails I sent to friends, their responses, care, and concern, and what I learned during that time.

You can now receive a copy for just $8.99!

Until next week have fun scrolling through all those e-mails in your inbox.