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My dad has had a dream for many years of growing an award winning two thousand pound pumpkin. As a kid he entered me and items from our garden in contests. I won several due to the large size of our sunflowers! Now, he wants a gianormous pumpkin. I haven’t been his biggest supporter in the endeavor due to the fact I had no idea what to do with a massive amount of pumpkin.

A few days ago I saw a video on Facebook of elephants getting an early Halloween treat. It was a thirteen hundred pound pumpkin. They were stomping away at it, having the time of their lives. I, finally, had my answer–give it to the zoo!

This week, I’ve placed on sale a sign depicting a young boy and girl pushing and pulling a massive pumpkin. They, obviously, have big plans for it! The sign reads, “Best Wishes For A Good Thanksgiving.” It is item number 011T, on sale for $4.49.

We’ve also added a line of dolls and plush toys to the site. I hope you’ll check them out and all our other books and products.

Until next week,