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My favorite class in college was Logic. It fascinated me! It was a whole new way of thinking. I was raised to twist, turn, add to, and take away from facts to make them fit my scewed way of thinking. You see I was born into and raised in a cult. Upon escaping said nightmare I began to take a hard look at the cult’s playbook i.e. the Bible i.e. the book. What I found was more than a little surprising. Allow me to offer an example. The book says, “If you accept the Lord Jesus Christ you shall be saved.” I remain unable to find where it says, “Until you’re not.”

What exactly I’m saved from I’m guessing is eternal damnation. What I’m saved to I assume is eternal life in Heaven. Seeing as the book only describes Hell as a place of “weeping and gnashing of teeth.” That doesn’t sound like much fun to me so I’m taking the heavenly route. What Heaven is all about–well the book only gives a few little glimpses. I guess God wants it to be a surprise. Maybe it’s a need to know thing.

I was dubbed a “demon child.” The demons were beaten out of me on a daily basis and cast out of me every Friday night by a crazy loon named Ernest Angely. He’d stand in front of me in his garrish white suit, screaming, “Come out!” All the while trying to push me to the floor with his hand on my forehead. Too bad I didn’t let my dinner come out all over that damned suit! In any case with Saturday morning came more beatings. Salvation never lasted more than thirty seconds!

The whole saved until your not thing and the demons only being gone until I took my next breath pissed me off so much I wrote a book about it–Demon Child to Child of God. I’ve put it on sale for $11.69. Unfortunately, cults are a real thing. In my book I debunk all the lies I was taught with their very own playbook. I hope you’ll check it out!

Until next week,