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The official start of fall is this Saturday. Where will you be and what will you be doing?

As I wrote last week fall is my favorite time of year. The beauty of it is beyond compare!

I make a menu at the beginning of each month for the entire month and then do one huge power shop and get 95% of my shopping out of the way for the entire month. I have a separate menu for football Sundays. I also have a separate scones menu for once per month Sunday brunches. This month we’re having apple scones with a cinnamon glaze, smoked sausage, and warm apple cider spiked with Hot Damn. I’m so looking forward to that brunch!

Today, I’m paying tribute to apple cider–a staple of fall.

I’m placing our Apple Cider sign on sale for $7.19. I hope you’ll check it out as well as our other fall signs.

It’s time to celebrate the beauty of fall. Let’s get busy!

Until next week,