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It’s been a long, hard winter. It’s so nice to see the grass is, finally, lush and green again.

A little over a year ago I picked up a friend from the airport. I asked him what he thought of the Cleveland skyline as he flew in? He said, “Everything seems so barren.” I had to explain to him that it’s winter here and that’s what the landscape looks like. He was from the southwest and wasn’t familiar with seasonal changes. Last year things got green and now it’s happened again.

I have a little item which I’m putting on sale. While it’s a Thanksgiving plague it has a lot of green in it. It looks more like a Summer scene than late Fall. It shows a little girl sharing her food with a turkey. It reads: “Thanksgiving Greetings.” I hope you’ll check it out along with the other items on the site. The item number for this plague is:  010T.

Until next week,