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This is our last week of celebrating wine. Although, I believe it should be celebrated 365.

August is the month of my birthday. To celebrate my special day we enjoyed half a bottle of Temprenello with cheese and crackers and banana pudding. My husband makes it from scratch for me every year! The following week we finished the bottle for our weekly Sunday brunch. We had pork croissants and herbed baby potatoes. The Temprenello loved that meal as well. It seems to be another “golden retriever of wines.”

I hope you’ll check out another one of our wine glass ornaments or wall hangings. It reads:  “Happy Hour It’s ‘Wine O’clock’ Somewhere.” It’s on sale this week along with my book Demon Child to Child of God. A bottle of wine and my book go very well together.

Next week, we’ll start talking about Fall decorating. I’ve got all sorts of goodies. I’ll start my decorating on Monday. I can’t wait!

Speaking of Monday–Happy Labor Day! I hope you have a chance to take a rest from your labors and enjoy time with family and friends.

Until next week,