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Every year I fill my family’s stockings with a dollar coin, an orange, a chocolate marshmallow Santa, and a candy cane. The one thing they don’t get is a lump of coal. It doesn’t matter if they’ve annoyed me all year long. It’s only sweets for my sweets. It doesn’t matter that my son is pushing 30. Christmas is a child’s wonderland regardless of how old they may be. In our house it’s also an all day pajama party. No lumps of coal but you must attend Christmas in your jammies!

In honor of the Christmas stocking I’ve placed our burlap stocking on sale. I have a small, artificial Christmas tree on top of my printer all ready decorated. The burlap stocking is one of the primary ornaments on it. It’s quite sweet!

I hope you’ll check out all our Christmas ornaments and decorations as we usher in the holiday season.

Until next week,