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Every year from August into October I remember my pregnancy with my son. I was in my third trimester. It was a time of waiting. I had gone through my nesting stage and I had the house in order. I was waiting for his arrival. While I waited I began to dabble in horse racing. Harness racing to be specific.

I loved it and I was getting better and better at placing my wagers. The track was where I indulged in my cravings. Prime Rib, water with lemon, and cheesecake smothered in chocolate sauce.

We have a little item in our gift shop which reminds me of the nights of waiting at the track. It’s a sign which depicts a turkey pulling a wooden cart. The cart has an enormous pumpkin on it. Atop the pumpkin sits a little boy pulling on the reins on the turkey as they race around the yard. The caption reads, “Thanksgiving Greetings.” I’ve placed it on sale for $4.49.

I hope you’ll check it out as well as our other gifts. It is the time of year to start making the list, checking it twice, and shop!

Until next week,