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I’m pretty excited right now. We’ll be at the craft show at Trinity Church in Canal Fulton, Ohio this Saturday from 9 – 3. We’ll have books, homemade breads and butters, and fall and Christmas items from this gift shop. We can’t wait! Rather than working in the office on Friday I’ll be baking my heart out. The whole house will smell like fresh baked bread.

Every year, at the show, I buy myself a new pair of mittens. There’s a sweet lady who crochets them all day during the show. She crochets in a variety of colors. I have two pairs. One burgundy and the other blue. I love them!

To get the Christmas shopping season off to a roaring start I’ve placed three items on sale this week. The first is a burlap mitten ornament on sale for $2.49. The second is a burlap stocking ornament on sale for $2.49. Finally, Doll 1 is on sale for $11.69.

I hope you’ll check out of our books, Thanksgiving decor, Christmas decorations, and dolls. I’m sure you’ll be able to start checking boxes off your list.

Until next week,