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“I began with a water-only fast in January (1978)…During the fast, I read my Bible a lot. I prayed for forgiveness. I got saved every week. I worked on my Pepsi Cola baptism. But the guilt never left me. It had wrapped its ugly tenticles around my heart and infected me with misery and constant remorse. Guilty on day one of the fast and even guiltier on day forty…By the end of 1978 I had completed three forty-day fasts. At the end of each one, Mr. Davis requested I stand as he recognized my spiritual accomplishment. But fasting had become a two-fold nightmare. Eradicating my guilt while maintaining my new body proved more and more difficult. The interesting thing, no one cautioned me or cared I might be harming myself by fasting. The anorexia took me over before I knew it, and still no one said a word. My parents never thought to take me to a doctor, or even mention my weight loss. Still a child in, oh, so many ways, and yet left alone on a path of destruction, I walked toward my ruin like a starved dog after a big steak.”

A quote from Demon Child to Child of God available right here.