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It’s Christmas in July! All this months I’ll be sharing short stories about Christmas and placing Christmas items on sale. I hope you enjoy this first story and will check out our Christmas items.

When I was a young mom, in college, and working in a grocery store to make ends meet, I heard a story about Christmas stockings and how they were, at one time, the centerpiece of gift giving. During years of financial hardship such as the Depression, parents would put oranges and coins in their children’s stockings. Citrus fruit was only for special occasions at that time and a dime could buy a boatload of candy. I had such appreciation for the story I decided to make it an annual tradition for my son. It doesn’t matter that he’ll be twenty-eight this Christmas. His stocking will still have an orange and dollar coin in it. When he was young I wanted him to grow an appreciation for Christmas. Now, that he’s a grown man, I hope he’ll pass this tradition down to his own family.

Merry Christmas in July!

All of our stocking ornaments are marked down to $2.54. They come in red, beige, and black. And, it’s still buy two get one free!

Until next week,