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Today we’ll have a high temperature of eighty degrees. Tomorrow, we’ll have a day time high of low fifties. Today, I’m working in summer jammies. Tomorrow, I’ll be working in winter jams. I’m thinking about warm, comforting food. I bought a large pumpkin which we’re going to cook down and puree. I’ll use it for pumpkin bread and pie.

I’m thinking of a house full of friends and family on Thanksgiving and a quiet pajama party on Christmas. I’m also thinking of little ghosts and goblins coming by around Halloween to collect their treats. I’m thinking of a jack-o-lantern to welcome them. Hmmm…seems I have pumpkins on my mind.

Pumpkins–is why I’ve put our adorable Thanksgiving sign on sale this week for $4.49. It pictures a sweet little girl sitting next to a large pumpkin. The sign reads, “Wishing You A Happy Thanksgiving.” I hope you’ll check it out as well as our other Fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas products.

Happy Shopping!

Until next week,